On Friday, 2nd December 2016, the highly anticipated Season 3 of NdaniTV’s Skinny Girl in Transit premiered. Trust me; of course I was lurking around their YouTube channel 94hours before waiting for it to drop, I could not keep calm, I had missed Ayoola’s face too much.

If you don’t watch Ndani TV, I can assure you that you are missing a lot of excellence in Television. They produce the most beautiful content in the country right now and in the most understated-no-‘laulau’ way too. The first time I saw Skinny girl in transit, I confess I engaged the auto play option on YouTube to binge-watch the whole thing, I couldn’t even stand up to make my noodles and asun! Even if I was using my mobile phone.



I am a TV rat; I love watching TV, at least I did until I had a job but when I used to spend 19.7hours daily in front of the tube, I watched Ayoola on Project Fame West Africa and cheered him to victory. Unfortunately I didn’t see him again until Abimbola Craig brought him back into my life- there is hope for me yet- hope, you ask? For now, it is not your business but when you get the scented embossed cards, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I bet Ngozi Nwosu didn’t have any official lines, the director just looks at her and says Ms. Nwosu, you are a Nigerian mother and your single daughter dares breathe when she isn’t even in a relationship talk less of married, GO!


And like the Legend of the Seeker, who when he wields his sword harnesses the powers of all the Seekers before him, she harnesses the ‘frustrative’ powers of all Nigerian mothers with single daughters and starts downloading all the lines needed- ‘oshisko plc.’, ‘rada rada’, you are doing yourself which is the retort to all your slightest misgivings even as slight as dropping ceramic. Even the most unrelated talk like of robbers would pave way for a rain of insults about you ‘singlehood’ and  the Holy Ghost fire that was used to differentiate the believers at the Biblical  upper room from others becomes a threat of destruction if you don’t get married and start cooking gran-babies.




Because of where we’re at in society right now, with body shaming and ‘ideal’ body types, the show is so relatable. There is heart and comedy, excellent dialogue and Ngozi Nwosu blowing everybody’s minds with her award needing portrayal of a Yoruba mother. Did I also mention there is a parade of really beautiful Nigerian men? Well, there is!!!

I hope Ayoola isn’t spoken for sha?

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