OPERATOR: A Millenial’s Love Story

Do you know Martin Starr? Well you should? He is an amazing actor!!! OMG he is!!! He has these nerd/fringe-of-the-society characters nailed to a T! I guess he’s just amazing at them.


He is Gilfoyle from the show Silicon Valley- yea the sarcastic genius Satanist, yea that Gilfoyle.

I have seen Martin as a sarcastic narcissistic douche bag in most of his works but this is the only time he has been sweet and damaged- the very silent care-giver in me wanted to hold him and nurture him to strength.


A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000 is a millennial. Meaning we were available for the tech boom and all the issues it brought with it.




I think it was written for the millennials because we live and understand all the nuances of tech and isolation and abandonment issues. We see all these amazing inventions but never stop to imagine the struggle and sacrifice behind them, Operator was an education for me.

In the movie, he is a tech genius who needs to create an IVR for Welltrix HMO services. They’ve reached an impasse because their original ‘voice’ according to the client is ‘condescending and ridiculous’ they need to find empathy in a system that has no capacity for shared experience.

His wife, the sweetheart from DUFF is his personal pacifier when he is overwhelmed- oh but he is so cute when he is overwhelmed- he has to share her with the world through the IVR.

Unfortunately he gets lost in this whole new ‘HER’ he has created, the journey between losing and finding himself is the beauty of the movie. Trust me it is

I mean it is as creepy as they come but manages to only tether on the brink of cringe worthy.

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My mom always hails me SASSSCO! when I start embellishing stories.