MUSIC SPEAKS: The Colours of Music



If you had heavy influences of older brothers or cousins then you would understand how rap music can grow on you. Growing up, while people woke up to say their prayers and thank God for life; in my house whenever my mom had travelled on a business trip, which was quite often, we woke up to blaring sounds of a man or woman ‘spitting’ on the mic.

I’ll admit my love for rap wasn’t at first sight because I will wake up angry and screaming for someone to turn off the speakers but overtime I learnt to accept my brothers were all older and my screams will only keep earning me a “if you shout there, you will come and clean this kitchen again”.

So one day, out of curiosity, I decided to block out the swear words and listen,really listen. The words had a pleasant ring to it; It was poetry- A play of words in a rhythmic style, Now I’m no poet but there is something enchanting about it.These guys were not singing just to vent.

“Even though it hurts my chest, I’m gonna spark till I lose my breath

Living in sin since life began. Coming all the way out of the water to get oxygen

Please Father help me breathe again, at ease again”. – Lil Zane.


The more I listened, the more I was drawn in.

The songs gave a deeper insight to the lyricist, to their joys and pain and they were relatable.

“But please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up

Forgive but don’t forget, girl keep your head up”. – Tupac


Yes, they talked about money, sex and drugs. But that wasn’t all they talked about. They talked about the issues affecting our society, questioned its standards, telling all who listened to stay conscious and fight against injustice.

My love for rap drew me closer to other genres; Jazz, R n B, hip hop, country, afro-beats, etc. I searched for meaning in every song; If the words didn’t move something in me, it didn’t feel right,and it wasn’t just the words, the beat in whatever form; strings, percussion’s, drums, all created a connection that just makes the heart sing.

Music speaks to the heart, it is like a window to your emotions and once it finds that emotion to which it can connect with, it gives life to it, controlling your thoughts and sometimes your actions.

To say that women in general enjoy a certain type of music wouldn’t be right;

Music is personal as well as it is universal, It has no gender, race or religion.

Music breathes; it gives and it heals.

So about the happy ending we women love?

Well, you determine what your happy ending will be, but whatever it is for you, make sure it lyrically speaks to your heart.

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