GETTING YOUR WAY EVERYDAY: How To Get What You Want In Any Situation

TITLE: GETTING YOUR WAY EVERYDAY- How To Get What You Want In Any Situation

AUTHOR: Alan Axelrod

PUBLISHER: American Management Association, New York



According to Aristotle:

  Some of the ways of laying it all out is through the appeal of reason, ethical appeal and the appeal to emotion. Through mere words we must earn not just intellectual agreement or assent but the emotional sympathy of your audience by adopting the method of been lucid, brief and plausible.

As rational creatures we need to be reasonable in our dealings, Choosing your style can be quite difficult but setting your standards right is important; Going beyond word has to do with considering your audience, good voice quality, body language etc. The first requirement for effective listening is to listen.

Someone once said that you are your own adviser. If all business is people business; then, the most effective way to do business is to identity the people who have the greatest power and authority to propel your projects and promote your career, The goal of any persuasive discourse is to get your way.

Cultivate the language of team building and teamwork; Persuasion is a matter of logical argument but it also depends on giving people the right feelings and preventing them from getting the wrong feelings.

The goal of communication with customers is to create business by contributing the creation of satisfaction; In convincing your customers, the aim here is to use persuasive strategies to repair breaking or broken relationships with customers and to do so without compromising your business, Money doesn’t just talk, it talks persuasively.

The book How to get what you want in any Situation introduces business people and everyone else who has an everyday need to speak and write clearly, vividly and persuasively to the art and science of rhetoric, the classical secrets of making your case and getting your way.

It’s a powerful guide recommended for anyone who is confronted with challenging life problems and desires to have a satisfying relationship with people. It shows you how to transform arguments from shouting matches into constructive discussions. It provides a huge variety of techniques usable for any business or social situation to help you win anyone over to your point of view.

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