2017: Sustainable Tips To Help You Save More This Year

It is important to note that saving more doesn’t imply you won’t spend money or buy things for yourself; however, it just means that you will be more prudent and purposeful when you spend.

With That In Mind, Here Are Some Tips For You On How To Save More This New Year:

Make A Budget:

You need to make a workable budget that you can use either monthly or weekly; whichever one you want. When making your budget, ensure that you make a realistic budget. In addition, don’t just make a budget, stick to the budget.


Account for your spending:

Try to have whatever you spend at the back of your mind or in writing so that you can easily detect or monitor your spending. In doing this, you need to pay close attention to what you buy. Putting it in writing helps you to track it and be aware of those things that you spend your money on the most.


Get an accountability partner:

You need to also get someone that can literally nudge you or remind you of your saving goals for the New Year. This is in case you forget about your saving goals or in case you’re not on track with your saving goals, he or she can remind you.


Avoid carrying your ATM cards everywhere you go:

You can also make up your mind to only carry your ATM cards when it is necessary to do so. This is so as to avoid unnecessary spending.


Be Creative With Your Spending:

For instance of you just started a business and you need to buy so many things for your business, you can think of creative ways you can cut cost and use what you already have.


Shop For Quality Items:

Just because you’re trying to save more money doesn’t mean you should buy things of low quality. Shop for quality so that the products or items you buy will last long, which will as a result save you money.


Check For Discounts And Sales:

You can also check for discounts and sales when purchasing items. However, you need to ensure that the things you’re buying are of good quality so you won’t waste your money.



In addition, ensure that you invest your money wisely, i dont mean any of these ponzi schemes like MMM or any of the quick money syndrome.


Personal Savings Account:

You can also open a special savings account created for your savings only.


Utilize useful tools:

Research about useful tools and apps you can utilize online and on your devices to help you save more and give tips on saving.


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