Office Romance: Things You Should Know

I have heard so many bad experiences about dating a colleague but I don’t think it should be different from dating someone outside work. I mean, there is cheating and lying, but let’s be honest, those are problems in regular relationships too. Is it the environment that makes it different?

My friends and I have carried on this conversation many times than I care to admit (before you think all we talk about is “man”) and I have taken away some points:

  • We are all adults, so define what it is you want to do with the person: fling(my hand is not there o, I really do not advise this) or serious relationship.
  • Some organizations don’t let co-workers get married, one person will have to leave, so find out your company policy before love blinds you completely.
  • Count the cost before you start the relationship and be ready to deal with any fallout if either party ends things ( you should probably  have things ready so you can relocate to another country, lol)
  • Don’t flaunt your relationship in the office.

    No “hey honey, the boss wants to see you”. Please don’t.

  • Don’t be too jealous, you see the receptionist chatting with you boo and your body language screams;  “get away from my man” Nah, please don’t.
  • When you’re at work,let it be strictly business, you weren’t employed to find love.
  • When it finally works out and you guys are getting married, please invite the whole office to eat Jollof and small chops o.

I think the thing that hurts most about office romance is the fact that you can’t escape. Everybody you see from 8am-5pm will be looking at you with sorry eyes. You most likely get to see your ex EVERYDAY and you have to be civil and official. Sometimes, you guys will even collaborate on a project (*sigh*).

I have heard amazing stories about couples who found each other at work, so it is not all bad.

Remember not one size fits all…and we are rooting for love.

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