Love, Valentine’s day and Tips

First, please be nice and considerate to your partner; do not expect ‘the world’ as your present. Do not have conditions; be appreciative of what he gets you. While getting a present for your partner, find something reasonable. When in a new relationship, you want to give something cute yet meaningful. You don’t need to go overboard. It will show like you are trying too much. You don’t have to rob the bank to get a present for him.

You can gift them with:

A video game (if he is into games), superhero pillows, headphones (if they are into music), movie ticket for both of you… handmade cards (you could do it yourself to your liking), personalized items such as mugs, pens and books. They have that personal feel. And he could find you creative. These are simple items which however, will be perfect.

For those who have been into this for a while, by this time you know what your partner really likes. You can tell what he is into and what they die to have. You can treat them to spa or a couple massages, this way you will enjoy the service and spend time together. Based on his interests, you could get him a hiking bag, a camera and biking gloves. It is unlikely that he will be expecting this from you and this would be a great surprise. You could also get him a shaver, an aftershave; a picture frame (could be for his office or home). Gift him with something you are sure will be of use to him. Don’t try to gift him with things he isn’t into, you aren’t trying to change him, but to make him like feel you appreciate him as he is and you are supporting his likes.

At this stage, you know your man pretty well so getting him a gift wouldn’t be as hard. You know his tastes and preferences.

Refrain from the obvious common gifts. I think it’s time we stepped out from the norm of gifting watches, belts and wallets. There is much more which we could gift. Make it have a romantic feel.

For the single ladies, Heya pretty, get your girlfriends and go get some fun together. Don’t be sorry for yourself, especially if you will be celebrating Valz for the first time. Laugh a lot and feel good about yourself, you don’t know when the Mister will be showing up, so enjoy yourself before he does.

Valentines isn’t the only time to gift though, learn to gift your partner even when there is no occasion. You being in love should be an occasion already.

Share love and you will receive love in return.

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