BOOK REVIEW: Life Of A NaijaSingleGirl-(29,Single & Nigerian)

This is her first book and in it she tells the story of an average Nigerian girl, her name is Edikan, and the hurdles she has to cross going through different stages of life; from schooling and then the ultimate, “Life After School”.

Even though the title refers to being single and 29, a lot is said about Edikan’s childhood, the troubles with living away from family for most of her formative years. The description of the religious scrupulosity of her aunt was very apt and was quite hilarious.

I had to take breaks while reading because I didn’t want the story to end too quickly.

I can easily relate to Edikan’s story as she goes from childhood to womanhood, being a Nigerian and also a single-pringle. When you are done with schooling and there is no ‘man’ in sight, it won’t take long before friends and family (sometimes totally random strangers) start troubling your sweet existence.  If you live with your parents and forget to do the dishes ONE TIME, you may hear your mum say “who will marry you if you keep acting this way?” or they prescribe various prophets and prayer points to bring the husband faster; I think praying is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but can society take a chill pill on the marriage issue?

Thank God Edikan hit the jackpot at the end of the story…Lol

I was sad when the book ended because I was hoping to see some more; did she and Ifeanyi get married? (Lol, I am not against marriage o, I love it even)How did her new life pan out?

A learning point from the story was to never underestimate the power of friendships. At various stages, she had friends that helped her and she later found a wonderful friend in Ifeanyi.

I think NaijaSingleGirl needs to write a sequel ASAP.

If you are looking for a good read and a good laugh, you should read “29, Single and Nigerian”.

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