Long-Distance Relationship: Are We Prisoners Of Our Craft

I have been a believer of self-love many years now until my life took its turn and met a man who touched her heart in more ways than one.

It was never easy for a man to enlure me, let alone for me to put my guard down.

But with this one, he found the key to my cell alright.

Before, I had little to no advice about relationships, well, because I had no experience whatsoever other than the knowledge from my reads.

Now that am rowing the boat of love, I still wouldn’t say I have the perfect advice on normal situations.

I would call them suggestions because one thing I realized about relationships, there will never be one clear straight path, and that one clear path could be crooked to another.

I recall in my single years, my friends would ask for my opinion on long distance relationships.

I always felt it was a tough notch and hard work to maintain.

Well, I was right.

We have had very many life lessons with my mister since at times he has to be away for work.

I wouldn’t blame the soldier, he strives so as to provide.

With a clear mind, one realizes that certain disagreements are never about one being hard headed, it’s just because you are both in different zones and places.

It’s hard to relate when there is nothing much common for both of you at the moment.

You both become prisoners of a craft that you both created bound in Love.

Time has a way of messing with the current state.

People change due to certain circumstances of where they are.

But since the other partner is not in existence of the other’s moment, it becomes difficult to understand and welcome the new change, whether positive or negative.

I am still not a believer of long distance relationships.

However, I embrace the power of communication to hold on to the last string of the life guitar that bounds us strong.

We are artists of our own lives.

When two pieces of art of the same kind are brought together, they complete a story.

When they are separated to different locations, there is a part of a tale missing and distorted for its intended creation.

As you read this and relate, never lose hope and always communicate.

If communication fails, cut through the one string of bond for your sanity.

If Love is still strong, the distance is surely bound to vanish.

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Blue Jay

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