Movie Review: Mr. Church

Title: Mr. Church

Directed by: Bruce Beresford

Duration: 1hr: 45mins

Theatre date: 2016

Genre: Drama

Cast: Britt Robertson, Eddie Murphy, Natasha McElhone, Xavier Samuel, Natalie Coughlin



Mr.Henry church a gentleman, a smoker, and a great chef, he was hired to cook for a sick single mother Marie, an arrangement made possible by Richard her ex-boyfriend, and in return he got all the financial support he needed. Marie was sick with breast cancer and had only 6-months to live.

Marie had a 10-years old daughter named Charlotte Brooks popularly called Charlie; Charlie had a best friend named poppy. As a little girl, Charlie disliked Mr. church but as the plot developed she grew to love him and his exquisite meals.

However Marie fought through her cancer for 6 more years and all through these years, Mr. Church remained devoted to his work as a chef. At this point Charlie had finished high school and was preparing for college.

The death of her mother Marie, was a big blow to Charlie coupled with the fact that her childhood lover Owen had left for college, it dawned on her that she had no family again. In college, Charlie had an interesting life; she studied hard but slowly got lost as she showed up at Mr.Church’s apartment heavily pregnant. been very secretive, refused to answer most questions about himself even as his years with them accrued, every Wednesdays and Saturday night Mr. church always goes to a jazz bar named jelly and comes very late at night heavily drunk, and when asked the next morning how his night went his response is; it was as pleasant enough.

The baby gave Mr.Church a sense of purpose and excitement;he was an avid reader, a gardener, a painter, a chef; and sometimes plays the piano to Charlie and Isabel( her child). Charlie reunited with her childhood friend poppy, who is married to a very wealthy man and had all the riches she had ever dreamt of.

Years passed and grew older and weaker, he was very sick and was taken to the hospital where Charlie discovered that her childhood lover was the doctor, they however reconnected. The movie ended as Mr. Church passed away after some months, charlie couldn’t complete college as she had to take care of her child, Isabel.

The movie as narrated by charlie, centers on love, perseverance and conquering old fears. This is a must watch movie, as it moved me to tears at some point. It tells the story of a unique and an unusual friendship that developed to become a strong family bond.


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