4 finance Instagram accounts you should know

Concerning Instagram, I am of the opinion that you can you get what you want to get from it because there are a whole lot topics, subject matters and things on Instagram; what you get depends on what you look for.

If you are looking for pages on spirituality, motivational pages, business pages, pages on cooking, and a whole lot of other pages; you will get them on Instagram.

The question is what are you looking out for?
When you get clear on what you are looking out for, then it gets easy to search for it.
And so, if you are one of the people that are keen about learning more about their finances and how they can better manage their finances, then these Instagram pages I will be mentioning will be of good use to you.


1. Money Matters with Nimi (@mmwithnimi): I love her allegories and how she thoughtfully explains concepts in a simple yet effective way. She makes concepts easy to understand and very relatable. One of her posts I always look forward to is when she talks about ‘The Word on money”, where she draw verses from the Bible on how we can better manage our finances. Nimi Akinkugbe is the Founder/CEO of Bestman Games Ltd, the African distributor of customized editions of Monopoly. You should check out her page!


2. Clevergirl Finance (@clevergirlfinance): Clevergirl Finance Instagram page is owned by Bola Onada Sokunbi. Bola Onada Sokunbi gives practical finance advice to women. I look forward to her advices about finance. Check out her page as well.


3. Smart Money with Arese (@smartmoneywitharese): this Instagram account is owned by Arese Ugwu, the founder of www.smartmoneyafrica.org and the author of ‘The Smart Money Woman’. She dishes out her personal finance advices in a very relatable and practical way. You should check out her page!


4. My Fab Finance (@myfabfinance): this is another Instagram finance account that is very educative. There are so many financial and lifestyle advice on this Instagram page. You can check out her page!

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