Going through the Instagram pages of Nigerian wedding bloggers, even the traditional head wrap is being made modern and is tied like a turban or better still completely ditched for a turban that fits the look of the wedding guest.
Incorporating the head wrap into one’s everyday look can be very tricky as a style of head wrap might not befit ones everyday look. I advise to look through photos of people already into the trend or even go classic with the all black outfit and a statement head wrap of any colour.
While some are yet to try this trend because they fear it won’t suit them, the head wrap can be tied or wrapped to suit the face shape of anyone.
You are willing to try but you have no idea of how it is being tied? There are a lot of shops in which ready made head wraps are sold and it could also come at no cost by you streaming a YouTube video over and over till you get it right!
So for the love of turbans, I’ll be picking my top 5 Instagram turban posts and hopefully a cue or two can be taken from them:

Young Nubian 👸🏽👑

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1. Dorcas Shola Fapson
DSF as she is fondly called is a Nigerian model and actress and anyone who knows me know that DSF is my girl crush so the fact that she’s on the top of my list comes as no surprise. In this post, she paired an all black ensemble with a nicely tied turban that has a statement print and colour on the fabric. The fact that she’s decided to be simple with  her outfit and make a statement with her turban is quite glaring and I feel that she just wanted a change from the norm. This look was worn on the set of the TV show ‘The Juice’ which had Jidenna as it’s guest for that episode. Of course she got it right and she looked fleeky!



2. Bonang Matheba
‘Queen B’ This look just screams one thing! ‘African Woman’. I really love the African print vibe going on, from the neck piece to the bangles and of course the turban. I must say the creative direction and styling in this photo is on point. The fact that the turban was tied on a swimsuit just shows how versatile one can be with this trend and it also shows that it’s okay for prints to collide in one outfit. You already know Queen B never disappoints!


Never want to take his head wrap off @kiyanawraps

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3. Adaora Soludo
At first glance, I saved this photo on my phone. Fellow blogger Adaora, paired her African print turban with a classic white shirt and a smile. I’m sorry I had to mention that but she looks really pretty. The front knot on her turban is an added accessory which gives it a unique look. You don’t have to get hers, you can invent yours that why it is called fashion, there’s room for everyone!

4. Boity Thulo
This look is very classy and nice. Boity paired her plain jumpsuit with a small turban which also has African print on the fabric with matching pumps. It seems like African prints are a thing now and I’m in love with it. For this look, I think what gave room for the turban is neckline of the jumpsuit and also the size of the turban. All these factors seem petty but they have to be put into consideration when trying to matching your perfectly and yes she did!


5. Efya
Let me start with the fact that this look is very daring and it takes a lot of gut to pull it off. I cannot over emphasize the African spirit that follows this trend I mean check out the neck piece! Who wears cowries anymore? The fact that fashion is revolving back to its roots is such a blessing. Efya slayed this look and the unique thing about it is the height of the turban. Not a lot of people would be willing to go that high but then again anything for fashion!
Thank you for reading! Are you a head-wrap lover? How often do you wear them? Let’s find out and get talking.

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