Throwback To When The Beast Grew A Heart

March 17th, 2017 was the day I lost a bet; I won some great music and a trip down to the happiest times in my childhood but my ego was bruised, that ish is not funny, trust me!

I bet that Disney would tweak the Beauty and the Beast story so the curse could be broken by him finally accepting himself and not a girl but they chose to stick to the story line they’d been working with since 1991. I’m not wavering on my theory though! I’m sure it came up during the board sittings but they shot it down obviously because Christina Ricci’s Penelope already stole that line of thinking.

The new story though still paying homage to the old has had to move with the times; understanding that the times have changed, telling a classic story to a diverse audience will have to take all of their tiny little communities into consideration- basically there was some forgivable anachronism.

Somethings still remain the same, the village is still the most British and musically synchronized part of France, a backstory however has been given to everything to put the characters into perspective and make them more relateable; we now understand Gaston as one living with and overcompensating for his PTSD, the Prince a brainwashed sweetheart waiting to fall in love before he busts into song and Belle’s father wasn’t the first man to have a child without the help of a woman.

Do you remember that library scene, where she had started liking him and was smiling at that joke he made? I know! You didn’t find it funny too right? I was so embarrassed for her! I almost walked out on that sorely embarrassing scene!

It is one of those movies for everyone; adorable enough for the children to squeal at and just twisted enough for the adults not to be totally bored by. I was raised on fairytales and I’m now a mental health expert, trust me, there was almost an electrical overload in my brain.

I would give this movie a solid 8/10. Why not 10/10 you ask? I have deducted 2 marks for a tad too much auto tune. Hermione was an awesome casting but she isn’t a great singer, awesome music however!!!

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