Work-Life balance Among Career Women: A Myth or a Reality?

“Work-life” balance; this term is rapidly becoming a buzz word. I have read so many articles on this, and I am yet to understand if it is a myth or a reality.

Some women strongly believe a work-life balance can be totally achieved, while those on the other side of the divide are of the opinion that work-life balance is simply a myth that needs to be busted.

Whichever side you belong, it is important to note that work-life balance is one of the most-talked about issues in the career arena.

This issue is mostly talked about by women, and it brings me to ask, “Do men complain about work-life balance?”

What exactly is “work-life” balance?

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As a woman, work-life balance to me simply means the act of adequately harmonizing work with other areas of one’s life.

However, this definition has been contested in several ways has people in different quarters have observed that the term ‘balancing work and life’ is misleading.

How is this?

In some quarters, it is believed that this term has led to most women questioning nad doubting themselves if they are adequately balancing each front. These people believe that this is because there is no one way to really ensure balance and that we all face different situations at different times, and we need to ensure that we adjust to the current realities.

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However, some people are avid proponents of work-life balance, and they are always ready to tell you that you need to constantly ensure there is an adequate balance between your work and your life; one shouldn’t suffer as a result of the other.

Whether you believe work-life balance is a myth or a reality, you need to ensure that you prioritize well. Know what is important at each moment, and do them. Is it family time? Work? Rest? Prioritize.

As a woman, managing work and life is important; especially if you are a married woman. Your husband needs you, your children need you, you also need to find time for other things.

You need to ensure that the needs of your family don’t suffer because of work, and you also need to ensure that you do your work effectively.

And so, here are few tips for you:

  • What do you need to do now? Are you doing it? Like I mentioned earlier, prioritizing is essential. Whenever I find myself having to pick between work or something I have to do for myself, I think, “which do I really need to do now?”, “what can wait till later?” etc. Prioritize and be intentional with your time. Intentionality breeds productivity. Even if it is a “me time”, be intentional about it and prioritize it.
  • Create time blocks: if you need to work on an assignment for an hour; create a time-block for it. Ensure that you don’t go beyond the one hour. Doing this will force you to create time for other things you need to do.
  • Cutaway distractions: we all know that distractions are enemies of productivity. If you are looking towards managing your time well, find out what distracts you and do away with them.
  • Be intentional: spend your time wisely and purposefully.
  • Create a “me time”: it is easy to create time for other people, don’t forget to create time for yourself. Schedule your “me time” and be disciplined with it.
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What’s your take on work-life balance? I would love to hear from you. Drop your comments below.

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